Practice of Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

Land management is basically the management of the usage and development of land assets. Land assets are utilized for various purposes that can include agricultural, reforestation, groundwater resource management, and eco-tourism projects. The importance of land management is high, as it allows for the development and utilization of the land for the benefit of the society as a whole. In addition, management also ensures that the natural resources of the land are conserved or replenished to ensure long-term sustainability of the land use. It also serves as an effective mechanism of environmental monitoring.

The process of land management involves a variety of activities including ecological objectives, legal provisions for land use, allocation of land and its development according to the social requirements, and protection of the natural resources on the land. These include but are not limited to, planning and design of the land, development of the land, and utilization of the land in relation with human activities, technology and other resources. An effective land management system involves, inter-regional coordination of rural land use, development and utilization of the land, protection of the natural resources of the land, protection and promotion of economic growth, and improvement in the quality of life. A successful land management system ensures that land is used to support all these goals while ensuring environmental sustainability.

There are various ways by which land users can effectively practice sustainable land management (slm). These practices involve the application of techniques that have been scientifically tested and found successful in ecological situations. These practices also involve the co-existence of different land use practices among the diverse land users. For instance, sustainable land management (slm) in developing countries can be achieved through the coexistence of family farms with small-scale commercial farms. Through the implementation of best practices and the implementation of the principles of sustainable land use management (SLPM), sustainable land management (slm) in developed countries can also be achieved.